Ethio-India Trade Relations

Bilateral trade between Ethiopia and India stood at US$1.271 billion in 2017-18, out of which India's exports to Ethiopia were US$1.224 billion and imports were US$47.45 million, according to the National Bank of Ethiopia annual report.

Exports from India mainly include primary and semi-finished iron and steel products, drugs and pharmaceuticals, machinery and instruments, manufactures of metal, etc. Major imports by India from Ethiopia were: pulses, precious and semi-precious stones, vegetables & seeds, leather and spices.

Sugar and pharmaceuticals are India's major export items to Ethiopia, accounting for 14.5% and 13.0% respectively of India's total exports to Ethiopia. It was followed by iron and steel products (12.1%), rice (12.0%) and machinery (4.8%). Pulses are the major items imported from Ethiopia, accounting 38.8% of India's total imports from Ethiopia. It was followed by seeds (29.8%), oil seeds (11.0%), precious &semi-precious stones (6.6), leather (5.1%) and spices (4.4%).

India is the third important source of imports for Ethiopia, contributing 10.1% of all of Ethiopia's imports.