India-Africa Meeting a reflection of strong Bondage

Prime Minister Haile mariam Dessalegn has addressed the 3rd India-Africa Summit. H.E the PM has mentioned that his Government values India's renewed partnership with the continent of Africa through the establishment of the India Africa Forum since 2008 with various important strategic cooperation schemes.

He has also mentioned India is one of the largest foreign investors in Ethiopia. So far, more than 514 Indian companies have secured investment licenses. Out of this 191 are operational and 84 at an implementation level. Indian investment tallies with our development focuses mainly engaged on manufacturing and agriculture. To site some of the major investments; Konoria and Ramphal in textile and garmenting business, Olij Roses Ethiopia PLC, Sathya Sai Farms LTD and Surya Blossoms PLC in flower farm and horticulture, CLC Industries in Cotton Farming, Ruchi Agri PLC and New Age Biotech PLC in plantation and processing of palm trees and oil seeds, Universal Metal and Minerals PLC and Aarti Steel PLC engaged in manufacturing of metal products and Oxford Amalgamated PLC in plastic Manufacturing.

He further said that "as part of our endeavors on moving forward our transformation agenda, we are committed to partner deeply with friendly countries such as India. I sincerely hope that more Indian direct investment, including from its small and medium sized enterprises, would be forthcoming and I commend the entrepreneurial spirit shown by the Indian business pioneers in Ethiopia."